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(399-5) Underground Shutoff Kit

(399-5) Underground Shutoff Kit

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This underground water shutoff kit is an all-in-one device used to drain your line back to its original source. It includes a stop and waste feature.  In the event that your automatic waterer needs to be turned off, during the winter season or while not in use, draining the line is important to prevent damage. 

For further information on winterizing your waterer:

  • Drain your waterer!
  • Shutoff and drain any water in the waterline back to its original source.  This valve (A399-5) will help you do so.
  • Check gaskets, the flexhose and/or insulation on the inlet pipe, and the insulation on the tank and the heat tube below the tank are all in good condition.
  • Check for any cracks or seams that can allow air inside the tank.  Caulk or silicone to fill these areas or replace any necessary parts. 
  • You can prolong the life of the gaskets and seals by applying a small amount of oil (regular vegetable oil from the kitchen would work) which will help keep water from freezing on them and potentially damaging them. Be careful to not get too much oil on any plastic pieces (the tank itself, the valve, float, etc) as oil will degrade the plastic over time. 

Rod is square shaped and is 60" long.

Valve has 3/4" fittings.

Warranty 1 Year

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