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(400) Hose Clamp

(400) Hose Clamp

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Miraco's replacement 3/4" stainless hose clamp.  This is used in conjunction with the flex hose for a tight seal.  The clamp is made of stainless which will extend its life and prevent corrosion and rust.

Complimentary Parts

A156 Full Flex Hose Package

A355 Flexhose

A396 3/4" Fitting

Which models Use this?

MiraFount 3330, 3345, 3350, 3354-S, 3370S, 3390, 3410-4, 3465, 3360 (discontinued unit)

E-Fount 3330E, 3345E, 3340E, 3354-SE, 3390E, 3410-4E, 3465E

Dimensions 3/4" diameter
Warranty 1 Year

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