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1 Hole MiraFount - Gallagher Fence

E-Fount 3345E - 1 Hole 30 Gallons

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The Heated 1 Hole MiraFount 3345E is perfect for Beef and Dairy. It's unique system allows for your herd to have continuous fresh water. The ball serves as a seal to keep bugs, leaves, and other contaminants out of the water. The water continually circulates to keep it fresh and free from bacteria and algae. 

  • Patented Miraco roll-away ball closures
  • Removable dome for quick and easy access to valve area
  • Sloped bottoms for easier cleaning
  • Extra insulation above the valve area aids in preventing freezing
  • 2" to 3" urethane insulation to reduce chance of freezing
  • Corrosion-resistant & Polyethylene construction slows wear and tear
  • Stainless steel anchor bolts included


The MiraFount 3345E comes with a built-in electric heating unit to prevent freezing in cold temperatures.

Don't need a heated unit? Check out the Miraco 3345S.

Usage Information


75 Head of Beef

30 Head of Dairy

Size 30 Gallons
Opening Size One 10" Opening (10.75" Ball)
Dimensions 29" X 31" X 18"
Weight 95 lbs
Drinking Height 18"
Ideal Uses Beef & Dairy


Product Information

Product Number A3345E
Warranty 5 Years
Type Roll Away Ball

Manuals & Other Information


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